Casino-cheating crew: Expect to lose if these three wanted suspects are at your Craps table

If there is one thing I hate more than thieves -- it's a cheater -- especially when it comes to gambling. I don't play very often, because I usually don't win, but neither will you if you're at a Craps table with these three suspects.

Agents with the Washington State Gambling Commission are asking for your help to find Guramarpreet Kang, Mark Haddad and to identify a third suspect.

Kang is the one in the 'Young Guns' shirt. The unidentified suspect is wearing the hat.

They’re accused of stealing at least $25,000 from casinos in our state using a dice-sliding technique at the Craps table. That means if you’re not betting with the suspects – you’re probably losing money.

Agents say they've pulled off the scheme at two casinos in our state, so far, along the I-5 corridor.

Take a look at the video below of one of the thefts, as I walk through how it works: Agents say Kang is in the white hat at the bottom of the screen. You’ll watch him toss a small denomination chip to the dealer to distract them and then rolls a hard 10. You see him celebrate, because it pays 7 to 1 odds -- but here's the thing – watch again as he spins one of the dice across the table with the number he wanted, in this case a five, while tossing the other one, which increases his chances. That's cheating and 1st Degree Theft.

“When you`re playing Craps, the outcome is supposed to be random,” said Heather Songer with the Washington State Gambling Commission. “Our suspects are using a technique that allows them to achieve a predetermined outcome, so when it`s the shooters turn, he decides what he wants to come face-up on the dice. He takes one of the dice and puts that number face-up, let`s call it a 6, so when he goes to throw the dice he`s actually sliding them, one of them freely tumbles, like it`s supposed to, but the other one, the 6, just does a flat spin across the table, so when the dice come to a stop, he`s achieved a pre-determined outcome. He wins big and his partner wins big. Some people look at this and just see it as the casino`s problem, but in reality it affects all the players at the table.”

They believe the suspects are visiting other casinos in our state, so keep an eye out for these three guys,

Guramarpreet Kang is 5'11” and weighs 170 pounds.

Mark Haddad is 6 feet tall and weighs 215 pounds.

The third suspect has not been identified.

They were driving a white 2002 4-door Lexus Sedan with California license plate 8EPH422.

If you spot any of them at a casino, alert security right away and then call 911 immediately.