Burglar steals 24 pounds of pot from legal grow facility -- but makes a mistake

BELLEVUE -- A burglar wearing a creepy 'Jason' hockey mask stole about 24 pounds of packaged marijuana from a legal pot grow facility in south Seattle, but he made a mistake that just might get him caught.

The crook thought he had disabled all of the surveillance cameras in the building, but he missed one -- and then he took of his mask. His face can be seen briefly on the video footage, and police are hoping you might be able to help identify him.

Police say the crime occurred last Sunday morning, when a man wearing the hockey mask made popular by the Jason character in the 'Friday the 13th' movies broke through an exterior wall into Polygenixthc, a legal pot production facility in south Seattle.

"With the mask, you know, the whole Friday the 13th thing was kind of a lil' freaky," Polygenixthc manager Lori Lizotte said Thursday.

She said the man got away with 24 pounds of packaged marijuana that the company was to supply legal marijuana retail stores from Bellingham to Tacoma.

"We had planned on delivering that to three of our best retailers -- Top Shelf in Bellingham, Green Theory in Bellevue and Rainier on Pine in Tacoma," Lizotte said.

One other thing that could get the crook caught -- the packages of the marijuana are very distinct.

"We are very careful about how we package our product. We have them in little heat-sealed packages with the LCB labels on the back," she said.

She estimated that the thief cost them about $250,000 in damages.

"Everything was destroyed -- our glass jars, our cake boxes, everything we deliver in was totally decimated," she said.

"It's hard when you put so much energy, both financial and emotional, into building a business that can so quickly put you on your heels, not knowing if you can recover from this. But im confident we will."

If you recognize the thief or know more about the burglary in south Seattle, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.