Breakfast fundraiser for Bellevue Police Foundation

BELLEVUE -- The Bellevue Police Foundation is holding a breakfast fundraiser Thursday, March 27th. The non-profit organization helps police fight crime by giving officers tools they otherwise couldn't afford. For example, every Bellevue police officer has an iPhone thanks to the foundation. Lieutenant Marcia Harnden says the apps make a huge difference in their ability to stop crooks. "For instance, we had a recent burglary down in the South end where a K-9 unit was out running through a wooded area and with the iPhones, we were able to figure out where officers were needed to set up a perimeter," she said. "And we could also see where the dog was tracking, and we could adjust our perimeter around that in the process and so it ended up resulting in a capture." Crime fighting is all about partnerships because it takes everyone to keep criminals in check. The 5th annual fundraising breakfast is at 7:30 a.m. For more information and to register, click here.