Armed thieves: Robbers caught on camera stealing $100,000 in cash, jewels

jewlelryWANTED IN PIERCE COUNTY -- Police say it was a well-planned heist -- two armed thieves making off with thousands of dollars in cash and gems. The two suspects walked into a jewelry store on Pacific Avenue in Parkland. One of them, who was holding a gun, pulls a handkerchief up over his face, but the other suspect doesn't. Then, they quickly start to clean out the store’s cases, stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry and cash. "This robbery was well planned -- they had camouflage on, probably trying to make themselves look like they were military. They went in, they were armed, they duct taped the store employees and took a lot of jewelry, a lot of cash. They spent six to seven minutes inside," said Pierce County Sheriff’s Office detective Ed Troyer. Detectives think the thieves had a getaway driver or a lookout as well. They think they may not be from around here, since one of them never wore a mask and didn't care that he was on camera. If you recognize or know anything about either of these two men, call Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS. You can text a tip here.