Armed 'Rush Hour' robbers: Help identify pair of perps who picked busy time to strike -- and wrong clerk to prey on

Caught on camera: A pair of armed gas station robbers who picked the wrong clerk to prey on.

They hit the Shell gas station at the corner of 1st Ave. S. and S. 156th St. in Burien -- and King County detectives say the time of day they struck shows just how bold they are. “You see how they walk into the store, in the middle of the daytime, this is actually commute hours, before seven on a Wednesday morning,” says King County Sgt. Cindi West. “You can see them come around the front of the store. One of them pulls out a shotgun and points it at the clerk. The other one displays a handgun. They certainly appear as though they're comfortable doing this robbery. They both come in, they're faces are partially covered. One of the guys has what looks like a sheet or a jacket partially over the shotgun and they just come right in and are starting to ask the clerk for money and demanding money. The clerk did not give them any money. It could have turned out worse, but luckily in this case, nobody got hurt and they fled without anything. Brazen. This is a brazen crime. We want to get these guys off the street, because I wouldn't be surprised if we have other crimes, similar that they're suspects in, or they might do it again."

Detectives say after refusing to hand over the cash, the clerk actually back up, grabbed a phone and starting calling 911 with the suspects still standing there. Thankfully, it worked in the clerk's favor this time, but detectives say it's a tactic they never suggest. "There were no shots fired in this case, luckily, but what we suggest of employees that get robbed, is cooperate, go ahead and give them the money. A little bit of cash is not worth your life, a lot of cash is not worth your life,” says Sgt. West.

Detectives think both suspects are in their 20's. The guy holding the handgun is about 5’7”. He wore a gray hoodie with the word ‘Brooks’ across the front with a red logo.

The suspect sporting the shotgun wrapped in a red jacket wore a black hoodie and a black bandana over his face.

If you can tell King County detectives their names, or know anything that can help get them identified, call an anonymous tip into:

You must call the Crime Stoppers hotline with your tip to be eligible to receive a cash reward for information leading to a fugitive’s arrest.