A burglar just hit my neighborhood -- can a cop start patrolling the area?

Q: After a burglary in my neighborhood, can police start routinely patrolling the area to assure the safety of myself and my neighbors? -- Kyler in Yakima A: "Well, Kyler, burglary is a big thing that's happening in a lot of neighborhoods. And, if you want a patrol check of your residence, because you're going to be gone, or you're having a lot of burglaries in the neighborhood, find your local precinct or closest police station, and contact them, and let them know. Because chances are they already know about the problem in the neighborhood, or if you were a victim of burglary, or if you have any information where we should be watching. They will definitely come out and let everybody know that when guys have the chance, they'll drive through your neighborhood. In fact, they probably already are if it's a habitual problem in that particular neighborhood." -- Pierce County Det. Ed Troyer