Lake Stevens Food Bank turns to community to help raise money for new building

Rising prices due to inflation on top of the stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are putting a financial strain on so many people. Many are seeking services to find their next meal and basic hygiene necessities. Food banks in Washington are experiencing an intensified demand as families struggle to pay higher prices for groceries.

Board considers parental permission for students to join school clubs

The school board in Marysville is again discussing a policy that would require students to get parent permission to join a school club. This comes after debate over LGBTQ clubs - specifically some people worry that this policy would target kids who need support at school but aren't ready to come out to their parents.

35 Marysville teachers laid off due to budget cuts

The Marysville School District announced on Friday that it has sent layoff notices to 35 teachers after voters rejected a pair of school levy extensions that covered up to 18% of the district’s yearly budget.

Hay shortages putting strain on Washington animal rescues

Drought last year and a cold, wet start to 2022 is causing a new crisis for many farmers, ranchers and those that care for livestock. When the cost of caring for animals becomes too great, that can mean more surrenders to animal rescue operations like Pasado's Safe Haven in Snohomish County.