Gardening with Tim: What's the trick to gardening in small spaces?

Gardening season is here, and those of us who live in smaller spaces don’t need to feel left out.As meteorologist and master gardener Tim Joyce shows us, there’s plenty to plant and grow on porches, patios and windowsills that can exercise that green thumb this spring and summer.Tim talked to Tim Pitz from Watson's in Puyallup about gardening in small spaces.

Gardening with Tim: How to add fall colors to your yard and garden

SEATTLE - The official start of fall is just a few days away, and even though we're known as the Evergreen State, you can still get lots of fall colors in your yard and garden.Trees are the obvious route, but Q13 meteorologist and master gardener Tim Joyce has some other ideas that aren't nearly as big, or as much of a commitment.

Gardening 101: How to attract cool creatures to your garden

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- Plants aren't the only thing that can make a garden great -- you may want to attract some cool creatures too!Q13 Master Gardener Tim Joyce visited Watson's Greenhouse & Nursery to get some tips on attracting fauna to your flora.

Gardening 101: Tips and tricks to keep plants strong and healthy all-year long

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- As we get into the gardening season, you're not the only one that likes hanging out in your yard or patio.Pests and plant disease can start popping up as the spring turns to summer.Master Gardener Tim Joyce got some great tips from Mitch Huber with Watson's in Puyallup on how to help your plants stay strong, healthy and looking good all season long.