Strong winds and heavy rain through tomorrow

Happy Sunday! It's been a windy and sloppy day across the region. High wind warnings have been issued for parts of the North Sound and along the Coast. These warnings will go into effect for the North Sound tomorrow. The high winds will ramp up late tomorrow morning with sustained winds between 35-45 mph. This could be damaging because wind gusts could reach up to 65 mph for parts of the area. Widespread power outages are possible so be vigilant!

Tim Eyman defaults on court-ordered payments

Court documents show that former initiative promoter Tim Eyman, who earlier this year was found liable for years of violations of Washington’s campaign finance laws and was fined $2.6 million, has not made his last two monthly payments on that fine and is now in default.

Renters being squeezed by rising prices

Throughout the pandemic housing prices grew strong in areas across Puget Sound. Now that the economy appears to be in an upswing, apartment rents are also on the rise, but there is worry those prices will land on the families who cannot afford them. 

Washington’s moratorium on utility shutoffs ends

More than half a million people in Washington state have overdue utility bills and are at risk of having their electricity, gas or water shut off as the state’s moratorium is now expired.