Weekend gardening outlook: great for November

November is our wettest month of the year, but this weekend looks like we're going to see some dry weather during the days the next few days. WIth five inches of rain so far this month, despite how wet that it is-- we're actually a bit shy of our average November precipitation.  

Weekend gardening outlook: nice Saturday, soggy Sunday

We've had a pretty wet and blustery week-- so there's likely lots of clean up to do with most of the leaves off the trees. As a lazy gardener, I'm happy to sweep them off the sidewalk and let them decompose to feed the lawn-- but I know that for many folks that's just not how they want their yard to look

Weekend gardening outlook: saturated soil, more rain at times

We've been soakingly wet this morning-- and at times this weekend too. This kind of a soggy forecast typically means our temperatures will actually be on the mild side. We'll see days start out around 40 instead of the 30s and afternoons, when we're lucky, will get to 50. There's good news in that despite the soggy weather-- we'll still see some dry periods if you want to get some work done in the yard and garden. 

Weekend gardening outlook: breezy but beautiful

We're cooling off but drying out this weekend. It's a rare treat to have a dry weekend during our wettest month of the year. With several blustery storms this week-- it's a great time to clean up the yard. If you're not phased by the brisk north winds-- you could get up on the ladder, clear the gutters, or put up holiday lights.

Weekend gardening outlook: dry and mild

The wettest day part of the weekend is over as showers taper off this afternoon. We've got some great weather for cleaning up that yard or garden from all the leaves knocked off the trees from this morning's cold front.