WSDOT seeking input on I-90/SR-18 interchange

WSDOT is asking drivers to weigh in on ways to ease traffic at the intersection of I-90 and SR-18 in the Snoqualmie area.Officials say the intersection is one of the busiest in the state, and needs to be updated in order to keep up with growth in nearby communities.You can click here to see the options WSDOT is considering, and leave your input.The online open house will be available until April 30th.

Watch: WSDOT releases 'ultimate look at Bertha's breakthrough' from drone cam

SEATTLE -- The world's largest tunnel-boring machine broke through a concrete wall beneath Seattle on Tuesday to reach the end of its long, troubled journey, a milestone in a multibillion-dollar project to replace an aging highway hugging the city's waterfront.And now WSDOT is giving us a drone's eye view of Bertha breaking through the outer concrete wall into the daylight.

WSDOT looking for help identifying traffic solutions on U.S. 2 trestle

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. – The Washington State Department of Transportation is searching for ways to relieve congestion flowing onto the U.S. 2 trestle near Lake Stevens.WSDOT put together a study group with neighboring city governments to identify existing problems and potential fixes for the interchange of U.S. 2/SR 204/20th Street SE.

Could Atlanta’s bridge collapse happen in Seattle? Yes, says WSDOT

SEATTLE – State transportation officials said they are watching the Atlanta bridge collapse investigation, knowing what happened there could happen anywhere, including Seattle.“It absolutely could,” said Travis Phelps, WSDOT spokesman, when asked if the I-85 bridge collapse could happen on I-5. “We’re very cautious, very mindful, but it can happen, bridges are exposed to risk all the time, whether it’s things underneath the bridge or just things travel around them, like train cars, tanker trucks, vehicular collisions.”

Bertha more than halfway through tunnel dig; WSDOT calls it big 'milestone'

SEATTLE -- A rare look underground 6th and Thomas was offered Monday where Bertha is expected to end her dig next spring.The site is also the place crews are building one of two operation centers that will monitor the tunnel once it replaces the Alaskan Way Viaduct.On Monday, WSDOT said Bertha is more than halfway done digging the tunnel.

WSDOT pushes back the Pilchuck River to save highway, homes

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. -- Caroline Petosa looks from her backyard down below on dozens of Washington State Department of Transportation contractors actively moving the Pilchuck River.Her backyard has been shrinking nearly every year as winter rains and spring runoff cause the powerful Pilchuck to eat away at her river bank."All of this down here would be flooded," she said as she points to the grassy bank about 15 feet below the grade of the rest of her backyard. "All of it would be underwater."WSDOT says they've been tracking the erosion along the Pilchuck River as it winds along State Route 92 between Granite Falls and Lake Stevens for many years.WSDOT says the river is roughly consuming about 40 feet of river bank a year and now it's only 40 feet from the road.Petosa is glad the state highway department is taking action."There’s so many men out there working, I think it’s just great."A massive black water tube as wide as a freeway lane and about just as high called an Aqua Dam is being inflated with river water.

WSDOT says human error caused Hood Canal Bridge closure Sunday

HOOD CANAL, Wash. – Human error led to the Hood Canal Bridge being closed to traffic for seven hours on Sunday, the Washington State Department of Transportation said in a release on Monday.The bridge lifted unevenly during an opening at 8 a.m., and it didn’t open again to traffic until around 3 p.m.WSDOT said the problem was caused because there wasn’t enough hydraulic fluid in one of the four lifts that raise and lower that section of the bridge.

WSDOT says holiday traffic will remain congested through Saturday

SEATTLE - A lot of people are trying to get out of town with their families for the holiday weekend, so the Department of Transportation says there’s going to be congestion again tomorrow.Ann Underwood lives on Bainbridge island, so she takes a lot of ferries.

State audit finds problems with WSDOT toll collection system

OLYMPIA, Wash. --  A new audit of the Washington state toll system says the state is failing to collect millions of dollars in tolls and fines.The Washington State Auditor’s office conducted that performance audit and found some problems with the Washington State Department of Transportation's toll collection system.One of the major problems -- there is $96 million out there in outstanding tolls, fees, and fines.If you drive in the Seattle-Tacoma area, you’ve seen the toll lanes.Since 2011, the state of Washington has been using its all-electronic toll collection system.

Car that drove off Hood Canal bridge belonged to WSDOT maintenance worker

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The state Department of Transportation says that one of the agency's bridge maintenance workers is missing after his car apparently drove off of the Hood Canal bridge.Acting Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar sent an email to agency staff on Tuesday alerting them to the incident.