Courage, sacrifice, heroism: Q13 FOX is honoring local Vietnam War veterans

Q13 FOX recently honored Vietnam War veterans, with new stories of an individual Northwest veteran's courage, sacrifice and heroism.We'd also like to invite you to share a photo of the veteran in your life.Upload the photo below and tell us who it is, when they served and a sentence or two about their service.We'll be adding your photos to this gallery throughout the week so be sure to check back and share it with your friends!

Vietnam vets share war stories as U.S. commits to honoring them

Across the U.S., communities are coming together and holding events to honor Vietnam veterans and their families.It's a government-led initiative called the Vietnam War Commemoration, engaging 10,000 event partners, ranging from the Boy Scouts of America to the NFL.The goal: to send a simple message to Vietnam vets thanking them for their service.To better understand Vietnam veterans, their struggles, and the war, the Commemoration is gathering their stories on video.

Famed Vietnam War correspondent returns to collect and share more veterans' stories

SEATTLE -- Nationally recognized war correspondent Joe Galloway, who has dedicated his life to sharing the sacrifices of the those who fought in the Vietnam War, has come back to the Pacific Northwest.Galloway risked his life to cover the war and he saw the worst of it, but he’ll be the first to tell you, he also saw the best in our American service members.