Renters being squeezed by rising prices

Throughout the pandemic housing prices grew strong in areas across Puget Sound. Now that the economy appears to be in an upswing, apartment rents are also on the rise, but there is worry those prices will land on the families who cannot afford them. 

Tenants, property owners seek legislative edge before evictions resume

Washington state’s eviction moratorium is scheduled to end in less than three weeks, as lawmakers in Olympia debate multiple bills meant to protect both renters and property owners alike. Legislators are trying to balance what landlords need to stay in business, while ensuring thousands of families are not forced onto the streets.

Fair housing groups: Redfin ‘redlines’ minority communities

The company was vastly less likely to offer realtor services, professional photos, virtual tours, online promotion or commission rebates for homes listed in overwhelmingly minority neighborhoods than it was in overwhelmingly white ones, the investigation found.