‘MasterChef’ recap: The ‘Back to Win’ audition battles come to a close

Welcome back to “MasterChef” recaps! In episode 3, “Back to Win - Audition Battles (continued),” the barrage of culinary fisticuffs continues, as more All-Star former contestants whip up “comeback dishes” to win a coveted white apron and a chance to return to the MasterChef competition. TV critic Clint Worthington recaps the latest from the MC kitchen.

TV recap: ‘Welcome to Flatch’ reaches its season finale

Welcome back to “Welcome to Flatch” recaps! In this special one-hour season finale, Kelly’s Aunt Lola comes to visit, and Kelly accidentally gets involved in a green juice pyramid scheme. Meanwhile, Father Joe helps Shrub get into college. FOX TV critic Caroline Siede recaps this festive two-parter.

‘MasterChef’ returns! Here’s what you missed in the premiere

Welcome to "MasterChef" recaps! In the season 12 premiere, "Back to Win — Audition Battles," we get — you guessed it — auditions, as the MC kitchen welcomes back 40 former contestants, all competing for a chance to snag the title (and the cash that comes with it). Here's what you missed.

TV recap: ‘Welcome to Flatch’ gets spooked

Welcome back to "Welcome to Flatch" recaps! In the first of tonight’s two episodes, "No Credit/Bad Credit," Shrub thrives at his new job and Kelly gets a starring role in the car lot’s commercial, while Father Joe begins to miss having them around. Then in "Ghosted," Kelly and Shrub get lost in the woods on her birthday, while Cheryl, Mandy, Nadine and Father Joe decide to host a séance.

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: Cue the happy mom tears

Welcome to "So You Think You Can Dance" recaps! In the 17th season premiere, "Dance is Back! Auditions Show 1,"three new judges take the stage, a crop of new dancers win hearts and one intimidatingly cool woman casually challenges tWitch to a battle.

TV recap: ‘Welcome to Flatch’ throws a boy band concert and then plays hooky

Welcome back to "Welcome to Flatch" recaps! In the first of tonight’s two episodes, "The Devil's Backbone," Kelly and Shrub plan to increase their social media following by recording a surprise reunion with Father Joe and another former member of his religious boy band, A-Men. Then in "On The Hooky," Shrub gets a new job detailing cars while Father Joe, Kelly, Cheryl and Mandy play hooky.

TV recap: ‘Welcome to Flatch’ has dresses and disappointments

Welcome back to "Welcome to Flatch" recaps! In this week’s episode, "Dinners, Dresses and Dumps," Kelly plans a special dinner when her dad comes home. Meanwhile, Shrub and Beth start spending a lot of time together and Cheryl breaks out her lucky dress for a date with Jimmy.

TV recap: ‘Welcome to Flatch’ and that old Flatch magic

Welcome back to "Welcome to Flatch" recaps! In episode 6, “That Old Flatch Magic,” Kelly inspires Dylan to return to his passion for magic with a visit to Flatch’s new magic and vape shop, Smokus Pocus. Meanwhile, Shrub finally takes Beth on a date.