Write your goals on the mirror; maybe you can be the next K.J. Wright?

RENTON, Wash. – Three years ago, K.J. Wright made a big leap forward on the field.

Probably not coincidentally, three years ago is also when Wright began putting serious effort into setting goals for himself.

The Seattle Seahawks linebacker saw his number soar soon after he wrote down yearly goals and placed them where he could see them every day, Wright said during an exclusive interview with the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX.

“These are my personal goals – they’re hung up on my bathroom mirror,” Wright said. “I look at them every day, but I can not share them with you or the fans.”

Three years ago – the 2014 season – is the first time Wright recorded more than 100 tackles. He ended the season with 107, then jumped to 116 in 2015 and 126 last year. He’s got 25 tackles through three games this season – on pace for another jump, to 133.

“Each year, the bar raises higher,” Wright said. “The older I get, the better I want to get. I want to become better at tackling, better at coverage and all that good stuff, and so each year I want to improve.”

So, why exactly is this working so well for Wright?

“You’ve gotta write it down so you can believe it,” he said. “It doesn’t ever leave your brain. You’ve gotta visualize it all the time. When you have those goals in your face, you make it a focus.

“It’s just embedded in your head … I gotta make this happen in order to achieve my dreams.”