WATCH: Could this be the biggest Seahawks fan EVER? Check out her '12' house!

Above: the tour of Debbie Gwaltney's Seahawks-themed home in Ferndale begins in the pool room... which used to be the dining room. Also, that's her dog; named "Blitz." Obviously.

FERNDALE, WA -- There are a lot of 12s out there. A lot of us who feel we are the biggest, the best, the most colorful of Seahawks fans. But then... there's Debbie Gwaltney of Ferndale!

Debbie emailed our newsroom awhile back to tell us she has dedicated her entire HOUSE to the Seahawks- nearly every corner of every room on the main floor is decked out in blue, green, and even grey. So we decided to celebrate Blue Friday with her and show our viewers just how much thought she put in to her home and all things Seahawks! She even had her friends and neighbors over to celebrate!

The outside of her home? Blue and green, with a giant '12' on the garage, and a car to match. The dining room? Now a gaming room, with a Seahawks-themed pool table (complete with helmet chalk), and lime-green walls. The kitchen? Complete with a Seahawks crock pot and Keurig machine.

Then there's the bathroom; my goodness, the bathroom. Tissues that come out of a plush mini-Seahawks couch. A signed football ON the bathroom counter. It truly doesn't get any better than this for a true 12.

Debbie's enthusiasm is contagious; you have to watch the videos to see for yourself! And if YOU have a Seahawks-themed house, apartment, or workplace, let us know! Email me: .

Below: Even her KITCHEN is everything Seahawks!

Below: Yes, that's a '12' garage.

Below: The BATHROOM is full-on Seahawks, too!