Star linebacker K.J. Wright delivers 'Seahawks Surprise' to frontline worker, family experiencing homelessness

For the Seattle Seahawks and the rest of us, the holidays are a time to be thankful, following what has been a challenging year due to the pandemic.

With that in mind, the Seahawks and Q13 FOX decided to do something special for a few fans who have risen to the occasion during this difficult year.

Star linebacker K.J. Wright player from the team heard about it and wanted to make sure he got in on the surprise.

First off, we surprised ICU nurse at Swedish Medical Center Alyssa Munns. She's been caring for people who are the most critically ill from COVID-19 and has lost several patients to the virus. 

She thought she was being interviewed for a story about frontline workers. Little did the diehard Seahawks fan know, she was going to be surprised on the Zoom interview with one of her favorite players. 

"How you doing?," said Wright as he appeared on the screen with Munns. 

The Seahawks star sharing deep appreciation for the nurse who’s been risking her own life to save others. 

"I just wanted to chime in and say thank you for everything you’ve been doing," Wright said. "We get all the cheers on Sundays, but you are definitely doing heroic stuff out there in the community. Please keep it going. We can’t thank you enough." 

Munns responded, "Thank you so much, that was a really fun surprise!" 

So much fun, We thought 12-year-old Lane Kally and her family from Federal Way, deserved a seahawks surprise of their own. The 12-year-old was diagnosed with a critical condition called aplastic anemia, which caused her body stop producing enough new blood cells. 

"It really hurts, because, imagine a kid really suffering. I really hurt my heart," said Kally's father James Kally. 

There would be more heartache.

With all the time and money spent in the hospital, both of Lane’s parents lost their jobs. 

The family living in their car for a while, described by lane’s 14-year-old brother. 

"It’s been pretty hard," said Jermy Kally.  

With the help of Mary’s Place, the family now has their own apartment. 

Now it was their turn for a Seahawks surprise over Zoom, courtesy of Wright. 

"Who all am I talking to? Let me meet everybody," Wright said to the family of five. It Kicked off a conversation, that came with an invitation for next season.

"I want you guys to come out to training camp. Take a tour of the facility," Wright said. "Meet some of the Seahawks players, it’s going to be a really fun time."

James Kally responded on behalf of the family, "We’ll look forward to that. Thank you!"

A seahawks player, making sure a first responder and a family know, we are all on the same team. 

Q13 FOX also wanted to make sure Alyssa and the Kally family could show off how much they love the Hawks this holiday season.

So we sent them a gift card to the Seahawks Pro Shop, so they can pick up the latest Seahawks gear.