Seattle Sounders FC's Ozzie Alonso sits down with Michelle Ludtka

SEATTLE -- Osvaldo Alonso sat down with Q13 News' Michelle Ludtka before the MLS Cup final on Saturday. The Seattle Sounders FC midfielder is playing the best soccer in his career but a knee sprain in the second leg of the Western Conference final put his status for the Cup questionable.

He spoke to Ludtka about how it feels to win the Western Conference and why he thinks they will win the Cup.

The MLS Cup final kicks off at 5 p.m. Saturday, with pregame coverage beginning at 4:30 p.m. on the official home of the Sounders FC, Q13 FOX

Take me through the moment of the final whistle in Colorado.

It was amazing because ya know, I was on the bench, and I couldn't see down to watch the game. I was standing up yelling at my teammates to play hard, 'we got this one, we have to go to the final.' It was amazing. That moment for me was unbelievable. I feel so happy to win the final because I was working so hard to get to this point and finally, we did it.

How special is it for this group after everything you guys have been through this year?

We got a lot of stuff going on this season. Ya know, at the beginning of the season we weren't good. We were in the bottom of the table. The difference is everything we did to get to this point is amazing. This is a tremendous group of people who worked too hard to get to this point. We're very very excited to play the final.

What makes this group of players different than the other teams you've had? Why is this the team that can do it?

Our mentality was always there. Even when we were in the bottom of the table, we always believed in us. We believed in the support of the fan. They were always there for us. When we were in the bottom of the table, we always thought we could make it to the final.

We play hard. We train hard. We did everything we have to do to win the final. That translated to other people, ya know, to fight for us and to be in the final. I think this thing is amazing to me.