Seahawks players to wear social justice decals on helmets this season

The Seattle Seahawks announced Friday that players would will wear decals on their helmets this season to take a stand for social justice.

The players' helmets will have decals on the back with the names of people hurt or killed by police.

According to the team, players and coaches will also display phrases including "Black Lives Matter," "End Racism," "It takes All of Us" and "Stop Hate."

A new video made by the Seahawks shows how the decals will look.

"I'm really passionate about this, I'm really passionate about my people," linebacker K.J. Wright told "To have this message out there, to have fans see it every day, to have my teammates embrace it, it's a powerful message. It's simple, it's clear, we just want justice, plain and simple.

"This has been going on for a long time. The system was created to oppress Black people, and it's still going on today. That's why I want to meet with governors, meet with the state legislators to get these laws changed. There's stuff in there that's got to be fixed. In order to bring about change, you've got to get policies changed. That's one of my main goals, to get stuff fixed so it's clear cut in the law book, this is not acceptable."

The team will also encourage people to vote and said that CenturyLink Field would be turned into a voting center on Election Day.

The Seahawks season opener is at Atlanta in a game that can be seen at 10:00 a.m. PT on Q13 FOX, official TV partner of the Seahawks.