Seahawks' Pete Carroll says 'it's going to be an international 12s gathering' at London game

LONDON -- It's no secret the 12s from the states are well-represented in London ahead of the Raiders vs. Seahawks game Sunday.

But who knew there was such a contingent of international Seahawks fans?

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told Q13 News Sports Director Aaron Levine that around 1,400 fans from a Seahawks UK booster club plan to be at the game. And another 300 more German fans are flying to London.

Carroll talked with Levine ahead of Sunday's game, which will be broadcast at 9 a.m. on Q13 FOX.

Carroll: It’s going to be an international 12s gathering, so we’re excited about that. It’s a big crowd a big stadium. I don’t know that the 12s will stand out, but most likely they will.

Levine: What do you think about the international series in general? They’ve been going since 2007 and there’s talk that the NFL ultimately wants to have a permanent franchise here in London. What are your thoughts on that?

I talked to Gus Bradley who played over here a number of times representing Jacksonville. Jacksonville is the home team over here, they’ve played over here so much. They love the experience. They had a great time over here.

Knowing it’s out of the country, it seems odd, it seems unusual. You don’t expect people to be fired up about it. But they are. They are going to fill this place up. I’m shocked almost that it’s like that. There’s so much enthusiasm I can see why the league wants to continue to expand. I don’t know how they’d ever even out the travel part of it. But they’ll figure that part out.

There is so much excitement around the world, we’re not aware of that in America. It’s all over in different countries. They’re demonstrating that, so hopefully we give them a good show.

For Carroll's full interview, tune in to 'Seahawks Saturday Night' at 9:30pm Saturday on JOEtv and 10:30pm on Q13 FOX.