Seahawks give season ticket holders a choice for 2020

With so much uncertainty about the 2020 NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks are giving season ticket holders some options.

They can receive a full refund for the upcoming season or use the money they've already paid as a credit for the 2021 season.

Fans can also take a "wait and see" approach and keep their credit on file for this year. That would give them priority for ticket options if their seat locations move because of changes to stadium capacity.

There has been no word on what capacity might be, but on Wednesday, the Baltimore Ravens announced that their home stadium capacity would be capped at 14,000 fans per game.

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The league also sent out game day protocols Wednesday night. The one that is getting a ton of buzz: players won't be allowed to exchange jerseys or go within six feet of other players - after games.

Again, that is after 3.5 hours of full-contact football - tackling and sweating, but don't go within six feet of each other after the game is over.

The NFL Players' Association has not yet agreed to these protocols.