Ryan has a concussion; Carroll defends call, saying 'it worked perfectly'

SEATTLE – Yes, that hit on Jon Ryan was as bad as it looked.

No, Pete Carroll isn’t going to apologize for calling that play that caused it.

The Seattle Seahawks’ coach said Friday that Ryan suffered a concussion on a fake punt in the fourth quarter of the NFC West-clinching 24-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night.

Carroll said he didn’t know if Ryan would be ready to play when the Seahawks return to the field Dec. 24 against Arizona, but said he was happy with the play call.

“I thought it was an excellent demonstration of planning and prep and opportunity,” Carroll said. “It worked perfectly.

“Except for the end of it – that was terrible.”

Carroll said the Seahawks had been looking for a chance to run the play all game, and the fact they were up three touchdowns with just over five minutes ago didn’t change anything.

“The opportunity that we took, it gave us a chance to hold on to the football and not give them even a chance to get the ball back. What more could I do to help my team? How it gets perceived and all, that’s what you guys get to talk about when you want to, and I think it’s a waste of energy, but I understand it.

“I don’t expect that you can see it from our perspective.”