Richard Sherman says Thursday night games are a 'poopfest'

SEATTLE – Poopfest.

That’s Richard Sherman’s succinct description of the NFL’s Thursday night games.

True to form, the Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback didn’t beat around the bush at a VMAC press conference on Tuesday when he was asked about playing so soon after traveling to Wisconsin for a bad loss to Green Bay.

“Poopfest,” Sherman said. “It’s terrible. We played, freakin’ got home at like 1 o’clock in the morning on Monday, something like that, and then you gotta play again.

“I mean, congratulations NFL, you did it again. But they’ve been doing it all season, so I guess we’re the last ones to get the middle finger.”

Sherman said the players won’t have an opportunity to address the problem until the next collective bargaining agreement, and said it’s one of his biggest of his many beefs with the NFL.

“Top 5,” he said. “Because it’s just no regard. It’s hypocritical, as I’ve stated before. They make this huge stance about player safety, then put the players in tremendous danger.

“We’ll do a whole press conference about me and my disagreements with the league and their nonsense.”

Still, Sherman said fans aren’t likely to notice a big drop in play because the players won’t allow it to happen.

“Yeah you can tell, but you can’t tell, because guys are prideful, and they play hard, and they’re gonna go out there and give them 100 percent regardless what the circumstances are because that’s how they’re built,” he said.