Richard Sherman on concerns over Seahawks' 3-3 record: Cool it, 'team is fine'

RENTON, Wash. -- Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman dismissed fans' concerns Wednesday over Seattle's 3-3 start to the season.

"If three losses were to ruin the season, then it would have ruined last year’s season, too, because we lost three then, too," Sherman said at a news conference.

"I think our team is fine and understands what it needs to do to turn it around, and I’m confident in our ability to do that," he said.

While the Seahawks lost three games in their 2013 Super Bowl season, they had only lost one game after 13 weeks of that season -- not after the first seven weeks and before having yet played division rivals Arizona and San Francisco.

Sherman addressed the media as the team was preparing to play the Carolina Panthers (3-3-1) in Charlotte, N.C., at 10 a.m. Pacific Sunday.