Richard Sherman erupts on sideline after Julio Jones' TD catch

SEATTLE – Emotions ran high on the Seattle Seahawks sideline Sunday afternoon after Julio Jones scored a touchdown for the Falcons on a 36-yard reception in the third quarter.

It appeared cornerback Richard Sherman was on Jones on the play, but Jones broke wide open after what looked like a miscommunication by the Seahawks’ defense.

Sherman was apoplectic on the sideline, slamming his helmet down and screaming at teammates and defensive coordinator Kris Richard.

The team tried to rally around Sherman, forming a circle and jumping up and down and cheering. Sherman, however, appeared to remain angry, and had a conversation with coach Pete Carroll.

The sequence accompanied a shift in momentum, as the Falcons quickly scored again to turn a 17-3 halftime deficit into a 17-17 tie with 6:11 to play in the third quarter, and then scored once more to pull ahead 24-17 before the Seahawks ultimately notched a 26-24 comeback victory.

Sherman said after the game that the team missed an adjustment and blew coverage on the play.

"It's just a shame to give up two bogus touchdowns," he said.

Sherman maintained that his frustration on that play didn't bleed over to later series.