Rapinoe, Bird credit earlier women in sports for their ease in 'coming out'

SEATTLE -- Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird agree, coming out as gay is easier in female sports than the major men's sports.

"On the male side it's very different," Rapinoe of the Seattle Reign FC said.

Q13 News' Michele Ludtka sat down with Rapinoe and Seattle Storm star Bird in an exclusive interview.

Part 1 of the interview was aired earlier this week on Q13 News.

Along with the couple's relationship, Rapinoe and Bird talked about LGBTQ issues in sports and Seattle. They said coming out in their respective careers was easier, given the help of earlier women who paved the way.

"These women set the scene for everyone," Bird said. "It's always been something normal. It's been very normal early on."

Bird said when she came out, she thought of setting an example for young children. For her, she wanted others to know she was comfortable in her skin. In turn she learned things about herself.

"This is who I am," she said of coming out. "I'm talking about it."

Both hope male athletes will feel more comfortable in the future to let the world see their true selves. They think it could take a huge star - like Lebron James - to publicly support it and show their openness for it before many come out.

"Their voice is a huge weight," Rapinoe said. "People take note of that and follow suit."