'Q it Up Sports:' Recent high school grad plays for titles, prepares for MLB draft

Recent local high school graduate Max Debiec is helping lead two teams to possible league titles this week.

This as the O’Dea High School pitcher is gaining national attention with major league possibilities.

It’s safe to say, at 6’7", Debiec gets the pitcher’s attention, and when the Huskies commit is the one on the mound, it’s opposing batters who take notice. 

"I did hit 97 last summer," Debiec said, the projected major-league draft pick referring to a 97 mile-per-hour fastball. 

When talking about what the future holds, Debiec said, "Two great futures ahead of me. I’ve been really positive through it. I’m excited to be a Husky or whatever team selects me in the draft." 

But first, due to the pandemic, Debiec is balancing high school baseball and basketball at the same time, giving him the chance to help O’Dea win, not one, but two Metro League titles this week. 

O’Dea High School baseball coach Mike Doyle said "He keeps the game fun and doesn’t take it too seriously. And, he’s shown by playing both basketball and baseball at the same time that he’s willing to commit himself overall to everybody else and he has a strong loyalty to the brotherhood of O’Dea and to both the basketball and baseball programs." 

Following the league championships, Debiec has a full summer ahead, including a trip to the MLB Draft Combine. 

"When I got that invitation, I was just thrilled," Debiec said. "Playing with the best competition in the country, just knowing that I’m a part of that and that they see me as that, really made me really happy and overwhelmed. I’m excited to compete with them, because I’ve been working hard and I’m ready to show my work to the rest of the country." 

The rest of the country could learn more next month, after his name is called in the draft.