Pete Carroll: 'We never came here to try to just win it one time'

SEATTLE - Every week, coach Pete Carroll takes time out for an exclusive interview with the official home of the Seattle Seahawks, Q13 FOX.

This week, he talked to Aaron Levine about that big win against Dallas last week, Byron Maxwell's unreal ability to cause fumbles, and Carroll's continued desire to win forever.

What did last week at Dallas show you about this team?

It was a great bounce-back game for us. Everybody wanted to get right. We put in a serious week of work and took care of each other, and the competition during the week showed. It paid off on gameday and we had a great game.

What are your thoughts on Byron Maxwell’s play, where he punched the ball out of the hands of Dez Bryant on Sunday?

Well first of all, that was a fantastic play. They got the ball secured and all that, and we wind up with it. He worked on it for years. He learned it from another player – “The Peanut,” if you remember, Charles Tillman – and he’s been practicing it forever, and he’s very effective at it. It shows everybody how simple a play it really can be if the timing is right. It was a great play and we loved it.

Russell Wilson just became the first quarterback in NFL history to have a winning season in each of his first six seasons. Not only that, but you guys finished the season with a winning record on the road for the fourth time in the last five years. How meaningful is that to you?

It’s a great stat, not just for Russell, but for all the guys that he’s grown up with here. But, that’s pretty incredible that nobody’s ever done it before. The winning on the road is huge – I wish it was every year – I wish it was five in a row. But it is hard to do that, and it does take really good focus by the players to consistently be ready for difficult situations. It is a statement of consistency though, for sure, and it’s something we’re proud of.

This week you have a chance to complete your sixth consecutive 10-win season. Playoffs or not, how big is that?

Again, it’s another statement of consistency, and it’s something we are proud of. We never came here to try to just win one time. We want to see if we can keep going and keep coming back and show that we’re real consistent about it.

You get a Cardinals team that has won three of their last four games at CenturyLink Field. What has allowed them to be so successful here, and such a difficult environment?

They’ve just done a nice job. They’ve taken advantage of their opportunities. Bruce does a nice job with those guys, and I don’t see them ever play without great effort and intensity and all that.