'My Zen is an everyday practice:' The 6 best things Michael Bennett said

SEATTLE - Michael Bennett’s press conference are always part philosophy, part insight and part performance art.

Tuesday, he took the podium at the VMAC as the Seahawks prepare to play the Atlanta Falcons next Saturday at the Georgia Dome at 1:35 p.m. (Coverage begins at 6 a.m. on the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX.)

Here are the six best things Bennett said Tuesday.

On playing against the best possible competition:

“I prefer to go up against a terrible team because it makes the game a lot easier.”

On whether he’s still mad at Falcons defensive tackle for the cut block that injured Bennett this season:

“I’m angry every day, but I don’t have any reason to be angry these days.

On Bennett saying last summer that he wants to achieve inner peace:

“… My Zen is an everyday practice. It’s getting there though. My wife will tell you I’m getting better.”

On why he didn’t wear one of the custom-made sweaters he’s been wearing recently:

“I got sweatshirts, I just … I was doing something before I came in here – No. 2.”

On his decision to come back to Seattle:

“I always liked Seattle. When I came here, it was like oh, I could actually live here.”

On whether it’s possible to overcoach going into a game like this:

“I don’t like getting coached, personally. I prefer not to get coached and kinda do my own thing. Every once in a while you can get overcoached, but when you’ve got a team full of veterans, we kind of coach ourselves really.”

On recommitting to being a team every season:

"It's just like marriage. You have to go out there every day and show that you're committed."