MUST WATCH: Relive the emotional roller coaster of Sunday's game with this super-fan video selfie

SEATTLE -- The lows. The highs. The swings in between.

The Seahawks amazing comeback win over the Green Bay Packers Sunday was a thing of beauty, and enough emotions to last an entire football season. And one popular YouTube poster shot video of himself through the entire thing, allowing us to relive the moments of glory with him.

Poster Norb-Cam, who describes his channel as the "ultimate 12th Man Channel for everything Seahawks and more," regularly films himself in his seat during games at CenturyLink Field. On Monday, he posted his entire reaction from the last 3 minutes of the game.

"Experience one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history as the Seahawks overcame a 16 point deficit to defeat the Packers 28-22 to go to their 2nd straight Super Bowl," Norb-Cam said on his page.

The video gives us a sense the intensity not only in each fan, but resonating throughout the stadium.

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