Marshawn Lynch lectures media, says, I’m here preparing for a game’ (VIDEOS)

SEATTLE -- A comparatively loquacious and outspoken Marshawn Lynch talked to the media Thursday morning, two days after offering little more than a sentence to reporters at Super Bowl Media Day.

Lynch sat in front of reporters and unleashed a monologue -- well, a monologue by Marshawn's standards -- discussing his love for his family and his distaste for the media -- but acceptance that just like him, they have a job to do.

Hey look, I mean all week, I told you all what is up. And For some reason reason you all continue to come back and did the same thing y’all did. I don’t know what story you all trying to get out of me. I don’t know what image you’re trying to portray of me. It doesn’t matter what you all think, what y'all say about me. Because when I go home at night, the same people that I look in the face my family, that I love, that’s all that matters to me. So y'all can go and make up what whatever you’ll want to make up because I don’t say enough to go and put anything out on me. But, I’ll come to you’ll event, and you’ll shove cameras and microphones down my throat. But when I'm at home in my environment, I don’t see you’ll. But you’ll mad at me. And if you’ll ain’t mad at me, then what you’ll here for.

Marshawn continued as reporters began to ask questions:

"I ain't got nothing for you," he said. "I'm here preparing for a game. I understand you're here to ask questions, which is understandable, I can get down with that."

Marshawn also spoke briefly of the inner city with a former NFL player. "When I'm in those inner cities," he said. "Then you can come to me."

Lynch gave shout outs to various cities in California and his charity. He also gave a shout out to his teammates.

The star running back is notoriously media shy, and responded to reporters questions Tuesday only with "I'm just here so I don't get fined." On Wednesday, Lynch also said little, taking heat from some angry national reporters.

Lynch, who has been fined $100,000 this year for not talking post-game, was told by the NFL he faces more fines if he does not attend media events in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.