Looking for Seahawks playoff tickets? Why your wallet will thank you this year

SEATTLE -- Those looking to cheer and yell for the Seattle Seahawks live Saturday at CenturyLink Field will find the cost of a ticket easier on their wallet than last year.

While it's still no bargain, the current average ticket price for a single Carolina Panthers v. the Seattle Seahawks ticket is down to $362.66, according to TiqIQ.  This is 20.67 percent lower than last year's Divisional Playoff game at CenturyLink Field, where tickets cost an average of $457.14.

No particular reason was given for the lower cost of tickets. However, it is only Monday, so the cost of tickets could still go up by Saturday.

According to TiqIQ, it still costs a minimum of $199 to get in the door for the cheap seats.

Though ticket prices are lower than last year, they're still on the expensive side compared to other Divisional Playoff games around the league. The average cost for a Colts v. Denver ticket is $351, and the average cost for a Cowboys v. Packers ticket is $322.

The only Divisional Playoff round ticket more expensive than a Seahawks ticket is for the Ravens v. Patriots game, which will set you back an average of $388.40.

Of course, those looking to splurge at CenturyLink are always in luck. The most expensive ticket for Saturday's game, according to TiqIQ, are Club 209 Row B tickets, going for $3,400 apiece.

There is even an entire suite listed for $72,000.

Not exactly pocket change.