Local players head to NFL Scouting Combine

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- The NFL Combine started Sunday, where athletes are tested to see if they have the right attributes to succeed at the highest level. It's a rigorous and stressful couple of days as players from all over the country look to raise their Draft stock.

For several local prospects, this week is what they've been waiting a lifetime for.

For the last six weeks, former Huskies Hunter Bryant and Salvon Ahmed have transitioned from student-athletes to pros. Both players decided to forgo their senior seasons and declare for the 2020 NFL Draft.

"It was my childhood dream to go to the NFL and I think I have a good opportunity to do that," Bryant said.

They also joined 12 other players in a predraft program put on annually by Tracy Ford at Ford Sports Performance in Bellevue.

Both players entered Tracy's program as teenagers, and over the years they've shared the gym with All American athletes and NFL All Pro players. Their work culminates in a mock Combine, so the players can feel confident heading to Indianapolis and their pro days.