K.J. Wright ready to bounce back after injury-plagued season

SEATTLE -- Q13 Sports Director Aaron Levine sat down with linebacker K.J. Wright and chatted about the upcoming season and more.

This is a transcription of their interview:

Levine: The team exceeded expectations last year. What’s the theme for this year?

Wright: Same thing. We just have to build off of what we did last year. Everyone had a vision and got along. We got to win this division, and we’ll go from there. Granted, what we did last year was impressive, but we got to do it again and do better.

Levine: Given what you had to deal with, injury-wise, describe the opportunity ahead of you this season?

Wright: It’s a come-back season. I’m gonna redeem myself and play all 16 games. To me, anything less than that is unacceptable. Injuries happen, but this will really be a chance for me to go out there, play every game and just be the best KJ Wright I can be. I was only able to play five games last year, and it was miserable. But God-willing, I’ll be healthy and play it all out.

Levine: What did you learn about yourself last year?

Wright: A lot. A whole lot. I learned that stress is very real. I need to depend on those around me more. I used to just do everything on my own, so I leaned on my wife more, leaned on my friends more and just be able to express myself. I used to just keep things in, but when you go through stuff like that you have to get it out of your system. So, I had to really learn how to express myself and be vulnerable and let other people know how you’re doing.

Levine: Express yourself? Now you have your own YouTube channel and podcast, how does it feel to have made it now?

Wright: It’s fun. Yeah, I got my own podcast, Topic of Discussion, now. We talk about everything, all topics, controversial stuff. It’s fun to just get out there and share your stressed with the world.

Levine: On the topic of podcasting, not to push you off the field, but have you thought about what you’ll do once your career is over?

Wright: Yup.

Levine: What is that?

Wright: I’m kind of all over the place. I love talking about the game – explaining the game to people. I’m a football junkie, so I just love talking about it. Maybe start my own sports agency with some former teammates of mine. I’ve had agents who do a lot more from a mentor standpoint, so if a guy like myself takes a kid from Mississippi and just grooms him, to teach him the ins and outs of the game, not just get a contract done. Give him the ins and outs mentorship of what he’s about to go through. I believe that would be life-changing. So those things are at the top right now.

Levine: What does the city of Seattle mean to you?

Wright: I love this city. It’s been home for a long time. Just been a blessing to me. My kids went to school here, and I’m gonna stay here when I retire. It’s a special place. It was cool coming from Mississippi to Seattle because it’s night and day – totally different places. It just really shifted my perspective on what’s out there and get me out of my box. It’s a whole new mindset, I love this place.