From intern to Seahawks team president, Chuck Arnold’s story is 26 years in the making

RENTON, Wash. – You could call it a championship in its own right. Chuck Arnold started out as an intern 26 years ago, and now he leads the Seahawks organization as team president.

Arnold grew up in Tacoma loving the Seahawks, and he’s worked for his favorite team since the day he graduated from college.

In his 26th season, he wants what every fan wants - another Super Bowl title.

“We couldn’t pull it off without a hitch without a great team,” Arnold said in the team’s locker room. “And that’s what we have right here. This is a great team.”

After two and a half decades with the organization, Arnold’s love for the team is as strong as it ever was.

“When you think about the job, it’s the people in the organization that I love the most,” he said. “It’s what the people in the organization are able to accomplish in the community.”

Surrounded by a community of 12’s, he joined in as a young boy in Tacoma. It was his dad who seeded Arnold’s love, and he was often seen sporting a Steve Largent jersey.

Sundays were always sacred for the family.

“I grew up a fan. I grew up watching games on television,” Arnold explained. “I grew up standing in line to buy tickets. Had autographed posters on my wall. I kind of bleed blue and green.”

During his senior year at Washington State in 1994, Arnold applied for an internship in the Seahawks public relations department, and it would lead to so much more.

“I’ve spent a little time in every place in the building, I would say,” he said laughing. “Other than a coaching position or a playing position. From the equipment room to the scouting department to ticket sales, done a little bit of everything.”

As the Seahawks took flight, so did Arnold’s career after becoming the team’s Chief Operating Officer in 2013.

He celebrated a Super Bowl championship with the team and with his two children. He followed it up with a trip to the White House

The lifelong Seahawks fan was living the ultimate dream. But even still, he was happiest for someone else - team owner Paul Allen.

“Probably one of the happiest moments I’ve ever seen him was up here on stage and here at the White House,” he said. “Watching his smile was rewarding for everyone.”

Allen died one month after Arnold was named team president.

“And now it’s our job to carry that legacy forward,” he said.

It’s a responsibility for a man who’s landed his dream job in the corner office with arguably the world’s greatest view.

“I’m blessed and fortunate to have the view that I have,” Arnold said.

Arnold says he’ll always work for what’s important for this team and the fans because the kid from Tacoma will always be one of them.

“I’m a humble guy. I’m genuine,” he said. “But what they should know is that I’m a 12 just like everyone else in this community.”