Fishing Report of the Week: Smallmouth Bass at Sammamish Lake

Northwest Fishing Reports

Angler: Fishing Fool
Fished 08/10/2021
Method: Bottom Fishing From Boat
Species: Smallmouth Bass
Weather: Sunny
Time: Morning
Water: 71° - 75°

First cast @ about 10:30AM near a point. It was breezy along this area so figure I'll start off with the swimbait. I think on the 4th cast, fish on! And it was fighting really good. Ripping drag. Did a couple of jumps. Clearly see it's a good size SMB. Maybe in the 2.5-3# class. It's getting closer to the boat. Does another jump and lure comes flying back at me. Boo on the quick release!

I'm thinking I'm onto something here. Welp, 30 mins of hammering with the swimbait without a single bass bite. I switch to the dropshot and start catching perch after perch after perch. Was also testing out a new bait with it and so far, I'm not impressed.

I tossed my DS onto a corner of a dock. I hook into what I assume another perch. Well it is another perch but I see a nice bass chasing after it! I'm trying to give the line slack to quick release in the water but this bugger is hooked through so it wont come off by itself. I unhook and fish and immediately tossed the DS back where I last spotted the bass. I feel just a couple of quick taps so I was about to move on when I figure I'll toss my football jig down there.

I'm glad I did. Felt a thump on the jig and set the hook. Fish on! And it's a good one. It's staying down. Horsed it a bit and see it's a nice SMB but I also see 3 more nice SMB chasing after it! Oh man. I quickly scooped the SMB into the net. Took a quick measurement of 3.24# and released it. Tossed the jig back down there and another thump! Back to back fish on! This one wasnt as big. If I had to guess, maybe 1.75-2#. Didn't see any chasers this time though. Did try for about 10 more mins just in case but that's it.

Caught a couple of dink SMB on the swimbait on the way down. The DS drew a blanked on bass today. On the way back, stopped off at Fart Hole and 4# hole with no fish. Only a couple nibbles. Looked like a bunch of bluegill in the area.

Not bad for only 2.5 hours of fishing.