Fishing Report of the Week: Chinook Salmon near Vashon

Northwest Fishing Reports

Angler: MPM
Fished: 08/15/2021
Method: Trolling W/Downriggers
Species: Chinook Salmon
Color: Green
Weather: Cloudy
Tackle: Flasher/Lure
Time: Morning
Posted: 08/15/2021

Well, MA11 finally produced a king for us.

I usually fish MA10 and MA9, but I spend a week or two on Vashon every summer and usually try to catch something while I'm there, usually with limited success, and I've never landed a king.

This year I took the boat over and figured we'd keep the kids occupied catching pinks. We went out Friday evening and saw jumpers in about 200ft of water off the south end of Maury but couldn't get any bites with our buzz bombs and rotators.

Anyway, Sunday morning my son and I got up early(ish), dropped some crab pots, and started fishing. We marked fish near Neil Pt. and started trolling. I kept one rod deep targeting kings and one rod higher up with pink gear on and trolled to the Tahlequah dock a couple times.

On the third pass, right before we got to the dock, I saw the deep rod get bit and pop off the clip. I reeled up and felt a nice fish on there. We got it to the boat, saw it was a nice king and my son tried to net it three or four times before I finally took over the net job and landed it. Luckily it was hooked well, and we ended up with a 13lb hatchery buck.

We put king gear on both rods (Pro-Troll flashers and Looney Spoons) and made a few more passes, but only got one undersized king.

The pots were OK (one keeper dungie, three big red rock, and two smaller keeper red rocks that we let go).

Seafood feast tonight!

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Northwest Fishing Reports

Northwest Fishing Reports