Eddie Lacy on the Lambeau Leap: 'I've been thinking on that for the past two days'

SEATTLE -- If Seahawks runningback Eddie Lacy jumped into the crowd after scoring this weekend at Lambeau Field, how would the Cheeseheads respond?

Would they push him back from whence he came? Or would they embrace him, celebrating his four years and more than 3,000 yards as a Green Bay Packer?

Lacy's been wondering.

"Honestly, I've been thinking on that for the past two days," Lacy told reporters when asked if he would perform the famed Lambeau Leap. "Part of me wants to. But I don't want to get pushed down. I don't know how the crowd will react."

Lacy continued:

"Maybe I'll find a small patch of Seahawks fans."

There are some famed examples of a visiting player jumping into the crowd. Chad Ochocinco found a group of Cincinatti Bengals fans years ago.

And Lacy is no stranger to the Leap. He had 23 touchdowns for the Packers.

Lacy said he isn't too nervous about playing his former team. But he did laugh when the schedule came out earlier this year, he said.

"I've never been to the visitor's locker room," Lacy said with a chuckle.

Lacy speaks highly of the hallowed grounds of Lambeau. He knows it's not easy for the visiting team. Especially against a quick-armed Aaron Rodgers.

"It's a real historic place," Lacy said. "Their fans take pride in making it as loud and as uncomfortable as possible."

Lacy said Thursday his ankle is feeling good and he gained confidence in the final two preseason games earlier this summer. He knows the Hawks have their work cut out for them at Lambeau.

But Lacy - perhaps more than anyone - knows the Hawks are up to the task.

"I'm excited to suit up and be able to play again."