Chris Carson isn't backing down from his physical running back game

SEATTLE -- Q13 Sports Director Aaron Levine sat down with running back Chris Carson and chatted about the upcoming season and more.

This is a transcription of their interview:

Levine: Chris, you have more than 1,100 yards rushing, nine touchdowns, what did you learn about yourself last year?

Carson: Just my style – 100%. Before, I was trying to figure out where everything was at, and I was coming back from an injury. But now I have to confidence to know that this is the kind of guy I am.

Levine:  Your mom gave you a hard time flipping over a defender. What was going through your mind when you did that?

Carson: I wasn’t even thinking about it, to be honest. Right before I hit the ground, I remember someone telling to try to stick the landing.

Levine: When you’re able to be as physical as you are and welcome the contact, what kind of reception do you get from your offensive linemen?

Carson: The love it. They love physicality. They say it upfront, just be physical. So when we can match them and keep up with them, everyone gets fired up about it.

Levine: You had the nickname 'Juice' growing up, in high school and in college. Any nicknames here?

Carson: People will joke around and call me 'Hercules.' Stuff like that, but nothing that’s really stuck.

Levine: What are your expectations for this season?

Carson: Stay healthy. That’s my biggest thing. Just try to follow up with what I did last year. I have my own personal goals. But staying healthy and helping out all the other running backs so all of us can succeed. After that, everything will fall in place.

Levine: You said personal goals. You have a number?

Carson: I can’t release that.

Levine: So, you have a number? You just can’t say it.

Carson: I can’t.

Levine: Well best of luck to you next season.