Carroll says Thomas had scheduled day off Wednesday: 'Earl is ready to play good football'

RENTON, Wash. – Once again, there’s some Earl Thomas news. Once again, it’s almost impossible to say what, if anything, it means.

The Seattle Seahawks All Pro free safety didn’t practice Wednesday, prompting another round of questions during Coach Pete Carroll’s press conference at the VMAC.

Carroll said that on Wednesdays, “Earl always gets a break."

“I’m really confident that Earl is ready to play really good football,” Carroll said. “He has done nothing but that. We have worked together for a long time, and we’ve worked through things. We’ve talked our way through where we are right now. I think the process is going to go really well. He feels great coming out of that game. We’ll do what we do during the week in preparation. I’m hoping he can keep rolling. He’s on fire right now.”

Thomas has been the top defensive player in the NFL through the first three weeks of the season according to Pro Football Focus, and has three interceptions to his credit so far.

He missed two days of practice last week, but linebacker Bobby Wagner said players at Thomas’ level can still perform at a high level.

“He’s a baller and that’s what he does,” Wagner said. “There’s a bunch of stuff that’s going to happen during the week. The great ones are able to put that aside and come out and play. And don’t let whether it’s being sick, whether it’s being issues, whether it’s being whatever, when it comes time for the game they come and they play and that’s what Earl does, so that’s what I expect from him.”

Carroll said several times that he believes Thomas’ anger over not having a new contract won’t hurt his play on the field.

"Of course we’ve talked about it," Carroll said. "We’ve done the whole conversation. We’ve been through it. We’re very clear. I might’ve demonstrated to you that I was kind of confident that we’d be OK working through this, because I felt like we would be. I think we are, and I’m really looking forward to another week of trying to play ball. Everything’s taking place, we’re not really telling you about it but it’s going fine."

Carroll eventually tired of the questions about Thomas, admitting “I’m trying to say as little big about it as possible.”

Carroll also gave injury updates on several players:

Linebacker K.J. Wright: “Working his way back. He was going on a really good pace and then we needed to slow it down a little bit, so we’re going day-to-day and seeing how it progresses.”

Offensive lineman Ethan Pocic: “His ankle feels better, we’re hoping he can play this week.”

Defensive end Dion Jordan: “Same thing (as Pocic), of course a little different injury. He’ll be moving around, there’s a chance he can go this weekend.”

Running back C.J. Prosise: “We’re working with him. It’s a core injury. We’re not quite able to nail it yet, how we can get him back. Not sure if he’ll be back Sunday.”

Seattle travels to Glendale, Ariz., on Sunday for a 1:05 p.m. game against the Cardinals (0-3) that will be televised on the official home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX.