Brady didn't like that last play: 'There's always a lot of contact with that team'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – To the surprise of nobody, Tom Brady was unhappy with the end of the Seattle Seahawks’ 31-24 victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday night.

The Patriots had a chance to tie it up in the closing seconds, but first-and-goal on the 2-yard line devolved into fourth-and-1.

With one final shot, New England opted to have Tom Brady throw a fade route to Rob Gronkowski – a play that ultimately failed, albeit with many in the stands crying for a pass interference call on Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor.

After the game, Brady was asked if he thought a flag should’ve been thrown.

“There was a lot of … there’s always a lot of contact with that team,” Brady told reporters. “Sometimes you get the call, sometimes you don’t.”

For what it’s worth, coach Bill Belichick seemed to disagree.

“It was a really competitive play, Belichick said. “I thought the game was well-officiated. They did a good job of letting the players play.”