Baldwin: 'I know it's made some people uncomfortable; that's the point'

RENTON, Wash. – Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin again addressed the protests that erupted around the NFL last weekend.

In an exclusive interview with the home of the Seahawks, Q13 FOX, Baldwin explained why the protests have taken place during the national anthem.

“I think the fact that we’re having this conversation sheds light on that,” Baldwin said. “If we did it anywhere else, we wouldn’t be using the biggest platform that we have. We’ve been able to utilize that and have the conversation. I know it’s made some people uncomfortable, but that was the point.

“No protest is supposed to make you comfortable. I think we’ve utilized that opportunity, this platform, to get a very clear and important message across.”

Does Baldwin worry that the message is being lost based on the presentation?

“I thoroughly and genuinely can understand that,” Baldwin said. “However, we think it’s important that this message and this topic is being discussed, and that there’s dialogue being pushed. I know for some, they want to be taken out of the real world and put into a fantasy world when they get to watch football, but it’s not fantasy for us.

“This is real life. Our communities, our families – they’re all affected by the things we’re talking about. So, for us, it’s more important than that.”

The team has taken fire locally and nationally after staying in the locker room during the anthem last Sunday in Tennessee before its game against the Titans. Baldwin said he’s not fazed.

“We’re used to the pressure, and that’s just part of football,” he said. “It’s part of life for us. Even if we were winning, they would find some issues with our team. We’ve been very successful here despite all the distractions, despite all the narratives, despite all the negativity, and I think we’ll continue that.

“Obviously, we’ve stumbled out of the gate here recently, but we’ve done it in the past and been very successful, so we’ll see what happens.”