Arizona Cardinals fans have to be told not to sell their tickets for Sunday's game? Really?

SEATTLE -- Apparently, the Arizona Cardinals fans have to be told NOT to sell their tickets to Sunday night's critical game against the Seahawks for the top spot in the NFC West Division.

At least that's how it appears from this tweet from a FOX 10's Troy Hayden in Phoenix:

When this was posted on the Q13 FOX News Facebook page Tuesday night, some of the Hawks fans responded this way:

-- "Wasn't the red sea parted?!?! Make way for the hawks!!"

-- "A lot of the people who live in AZ are retired from the Seattle area... dummies we are everywhere..."


-- "Wow, why do fans of other teams have to be told what to do? 12ths never have to be told how to act or what to do with our tickets. If they were real fans the media wouldn't have to say anything."


-- I'm going and I've heard 4 buses full of seahawk fans from the seahawk club in az! Go hawks!"


-- "They gonna need a lot more then the color red in the stands if you think you're gonna stop us"
-- "This will be the first of two times the Hawks will enjoy home field advantage in Glendale for the rest of the season... GO HAWKS...!!!"


-- "A lot of 12's have had tickets for a while. Too late!"