Healthier Together: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and FOX 13 is sharing the story of a local woman who was diagnosed with cancer, in both breasts, earlier this year.

Angela Jackson is a 45-year-old mother of two, a business partner, and a wife. She says she missed her annual mammogram only once.

Back in January, she went into surgery to get rid of a few skin cancers. And it was during her recovery that she noticed something wasn't right.

"When I got the skin cancers removed, they said in the shower just don’t get it wet. And so it just changed how I bathed without a loofah, and I felt a lump that I had not felt before," said Jackson. "And I thought ‘hmm that doesn’t seem right.’ So the first thing I did was call my doctor."

Within 15 days, she learned she had breast cancer in both breasts. After speaking with her doctors, she decided the best path for her was a double mastectomy.

"It’s really, really important – no matter your age – to really maintain your screening. I don’t think anybody wants to go get a mammogram, but it’s easy to forget. A year can go by quickly," she said. "I’ve been doing a lot of listening this year. Nobody’s story is the same. Nobody’s journey is the same. Some people have chemo. I had four surgeries in 8 weeks. Some people have radiation. Everybody’s story is different and everybody’s story matters."

Angela and her doctor both talk about the importance of being in tune with your body. If something feels off, don't wait. Get it checked out early.

"My personal opinion is that – just like with Angie – we have to be more of a self-advocate," said Dr. Erik Suh, family medicine specialist at Eastside Primary Care & Wellness. "So we need to be doing our annual breast exam, mammogram. And also doing self-breast examination at home. That is the key to finding early detection."

Angela will find out soon when she will be eligible for reconstructive surgery.


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