WATCH: Here's what it's REALLY like to drive for UPS over the holidays

REDMOND -- This year, UPS expects to deliver more than 630 million packages between Thanksgiving and December 31st. I wanted to know what it's really like to work one of those routes, and the folks at UPS were kind enough to let me do a bit of a job shadow!

First, the facts: This year, Tuesday December 21st is the anticipated peak day, with UPS delivering an estimated 36 million packages just on that day alone. With all of that extra volume, UPS hires about 90,000 seasonal workers. Typically they work as driver helpers or package handlers (sorting, loading, and unloading in the warehouse).

So- what does it take to work for UPS? We rode along with Michael Vallimont, who's been with the company for most of the last 20 years. He took me through a typical day, and explained how the volumes change on their routes this time of year. A couple of things we learned:

    Watch the clip to see how it went!