WATCH: Cook your stuffing in apples instead of the turkey (And other Thanksgiving tips!)

Above: How to order the right turkey

SEATTLE -- If you're anything like me, Thanksgiving is your FAVORITE holiday... as long as someone ELSE handles the heavy cooking! But hosting Turkey Day for your family and friends doesn't have to be stressful.

Local lifestyle and entertaining expert Alexandra Hedin walked us through some very easy, delicious ideas for Thanksgiving; from how to pick the right turkey (and when to order it); to making side dishes more simple (but no less impressive); and even an idea or two for those of us who don't want to cook a giant turkey this year. Watch the videos for more; then click HERE to head to her blog for easy instructions and ideas! 

Below: Cook your stuffing in apples instead of the turkey!

Below: How to cook a turkey

Below: How to have Thanksgiving WITHOUT a giant bird