VIDEO: Can the cast of STOMP improvise a show from the middle of the zoo?

SEATTLE -- It's unique, creative, and LOUD: STOMP is here in Seattle for eight shows at The Moore Theatre. The cast is renowned for being able to create percussion show from almost any object they find around them, using everything BUT actual percussion instruments.

We wanted to put the cast to the test, so we brought them to the Zoomazium at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, challenging them to put on a mini-show for our viewers based solely on things they found surrounding them.

STOMP runs Tuesday, January 26th through Sunday January 31st at The Moore Theatre in Seattle. For tickets and more information, click HERE. 

The Woodland Park Zoo was kind enough to allow us to use their Zoomazium for this; it's a fun place for kids and parents to explore, especially when it's raining outside! Learn more by clicking HERE.