Turkey for two, and other ideas for a stress-free Thanksgiving

SEATTLE—It's Thanksgiving week! There's so much to do before the big meal on Thursday. Well, actually, there's also a lot to do AFTER the big meal on Thursday! This is where Alexandra comes in.

Alexandra Hedin is a lifestyle and entertaining expert, and this morning she shares her ideas and tricks for keeping things stress-free and delicious! First, the meal itself: what if you aren’t sharing Thanksgiving with a big group? Alexandra says just because it's the two of you (or the four of you), doesn't mean you can't enjoy all of your favorite dishes. Watch the video above for her tips on keeping things simple this year; it's all about buying just the turkey breast, and keeping the side dishes simple.

More from Alexandra: a creative take on the classic post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich; ideas to avoid showing up empty-handed when you're the guest; and an easy cranberry cocktail! Check out the video below for these, and click HERE to go to her website for more.