Taking on "The Big Climb" to help beat blood cancers

The Scott Firefighter Stairclimb is one of the world’s most physically challenging competitions. Dressed in over fifty pounds of gear, firefighters will climb the Columbia Center for the 27th annual event in honor of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Since it’s inception, this climb has raised the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over $14 million dollars. And it’s not just firefighters that dedicate themselves.

The Big Climb, that happens on March 24th is open to everyone, and it involves the same 69 floors but luckily, without the heavy firefighter gear. Participants of The Big Climb will make the trek in their own shoes and exercise clothes but don't think it'll be an easy feat to accomplish.

Rich Brown, Dave O'Conner, fellow firefighters and LLS ambassadors invited Ellen Tailor to make the climb. Her goal was to make it 15 floors. Watch to see if they hit their goal, how you can join the event, and even donate to helping those affected by blood cancers.