PARENTS: How to get your kids organized and ready to study BEFORE they head back to school!


BOTHELL -- The end of summer can be bittersweet for parents; sure, it's nice to get back to a routine (and perhaps some more time to yourself, as a few parents admitted to us!) but it can be hectic making sure your kids are organized and ready to go back to school.

That's why we called Linda Deppa, a Certified Professional Organizer and the owner of Uncluttered Professional Organizing. She met up with us at a local family's home to walk through some simple ways parents can best prepare their kids for good study habits, and a more organized approach to heading back to school.

Watch the video above to see the examples she gives as to what works. Among her tips:

-  Work with your child to determine what kind of study space works best for THEM. Some will prefer to study in a common area of the home, like the kitchen counter or table. Others will find it easier to concentrate in their bedroom -- even so, it could be sitting at a desk or even sprawled across their bed! Work together as a family to come up with the best solution, and be supportive of it.

-  If you can, have a separate set of school supplies that stay in the home study area. That way, you aren't worried about leaving things at school when you need them at home, or at home when you need them at school!

- Put together a "mobile desk" of sorts. Linda shows a few examples in the video above; something that keeps homework and papers organized, but easily able to move to wherever they are studying.

- Get backpacks ready for school the night before, and leave them at the door. That way, in the morning rush you aren't scrambling to remember to put in the books, the notebook, etc.

- For more from Linda and Uncluttered Professional Organizing, click HERE to go to her website.